Far infrared, the “vital energy”

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Developed by Bionz, the TIZNO ® Bioceramic, is analyzed and tested at SEMAT accredited laboratories, of University of Minho, to ensure the quality of IVL technology. 

The TIZNO ® Bioceramic has required patent in the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

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The technology

Far infrared is a radiation that is not harmful to human body nor visible to the human eye, and which has been exhaustively investigated long ago by the scientific community due its benefits for the human body. Far infrared is also known as "vital energy."

Through thermomechanical processes, TIZNO® Bioceramic microparticles are impregnated into the clothing fibers, stimulating the Far Infrared radiation.

How does it work

When stimulated by body temperature, the microparticles of the TIZNO® Bioceramic irradiate Long Infrared, which penetrates deeply into the muscle tissue providing a better functioning of the body.
When in contact with the body, it activates the blood circulation allowing a better functioning of the whole organism. Thus creating conditions to quicken the muscle recovery process and anti-inflammatory action, aiding the reduction of inflammatory process and in the relief of pain.

This radiation is natural and biocompatible and its continuous use produces better responses onto the body.

Daily use of at least 6 to 8 hours is recommended.

IVL Benefits of the technology


Cellular detoxification and oxygenation|Cellular renewal acceleration

Anti-inflammatory action|Muscle recovery|Metabolic balance

Activation of Blood Circulation|Improvement of the Immunity System|Pain Relief


As a professional, my experience with IVL products allows me to say that they do improve life quality when used as recommended. According to my customers feedback, this improvement comprised localized pain relief and a better blood circulation. 
At a personal level, as a rugby player, I experienced a faster muscle recovery when using the IVL products.

Paulo Oliveira, Pharmacy Technician

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