Bionz's history

The technology and origin of the Bionz Company

Bionz is a technological and innovative based company focused on the health products market for day-to-day use, objecting the human body's wellness through the far infrared irradiation.

The origin

Its creator, researcher Dr. Francisco José Correa Braga, a specialist in biomaterials and for more than three decades dedicated to the study of bioceramics, has observed that a certain compound when in the condition of microparticles stimulated by the heat of the body can radiate far infrared with high efficiency. This bioceramic called TIZNO is responsible for the benefits offered by Bionz IVL products.


Localized at Póvoa de Lanhoso, Braga, in the north of Portugal, Bionz is settled in an area recognized by its connection with textile business world, a branch that is being increasingly associated with high technology.


Growing, satisfying the needs of the Market by improving the life quality of the user.


To be recognized as a prestigious company in health, technology and innovation, through the constant creation, development and improvement of scientifically tested products, in order to achieve excellence.


Technological Domain, Scientific Quality, Ethics, Reciprocity, Social Responsibility, Innovation.

Bionz’s expertise in biomaterials technology is the key to its success in the market. All of our projects are coordinated by highly qualified specialists, and the processes and procedures adopted comply with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and international quality standards.


Bionz is composed by a qualified team of professionals in different strategic areas in order to meet the market requirements such as Technology, Production, Processes and Quality, Marketing, International Relations, Standards and Regulations.

Confort and wellness

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