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Improve your performance and quicken your muscle recovery time with far infrared products.

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Ideal for athletes and sportsmen

Have a better muscle recovery after intense exercise with IVL Action. Made for athletes and for those who search wellness through exercise.

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Relief of localised pain

Discreet, comfortable and efficient products. The IVL Ortho line was thought to those who need to prevent and recover from localised injuries.

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For daily use

Use IVL Care during your daily activities or while sleeping. Ideal for those suffering from localized back pain as a result of bad work positioning or repetitive strain injury.

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Long-wave Infrared

Long-wave Infrared

IVL Technology

Enhancing the human body

The benefits offered by the bioceramic TIZNO microparticles impregnated in the fibers of the IVL products can be felt in a simple relief of pain until a faster muscle recovery. The far infrared radiation from the TIZNO microparticles is not perceptible to the naked eye nor harmful to the human body.

The effectiveness of far infrared in the human body as helper supporting in physiotherapeutic treatments is recognized worldwide in neuromuscular and joints certified medical protocols, being very popular in Japan.

Emanuel Matos, 42 years old, triathlete

“Participate in two demanding competitions, separated by only 20 hours is only possible with a good muscle recovery and I count on IVL for that”

Improving the human body

Enjoy the benefits of a better health without needing medicines which can generate side effects on your organism.

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